Monday, February 27, 2012

Focus Child of the Week: LAUREN

Lauren is a beautiful young lady who will be 13 years old this June. She is considered a Special Focus child through FTIA - Families Thru International Adoption. She came to the orphanage when she was 8 years old. She has atrophy of both legs and is in a wheelchair, but she can take care of herself.  Sadly, orphans in China "age out" when they turn 14 and are no longer allowed to be adopted into a loving family. This means Lauren has a limited time to find her forever family.
Lauren loves to learn, is very bright and recently a tutor was hired to come into the orphanage to teach her as she wasn't able to travel to school in her wheelchair. Lauren can read Chinese sentences fluently and her tutor has been working to expand her language and recognition of Chinese characters. She studies math where she has mastered addition and subtraction.
She also studies music, art, and does craft activities to strenghten her hands and finger skills. Her teacher has seen her make great progress both mentally and physically in the first 6 months of working with her.
Lauren is described as having a strong self-esteem in spite of her disability, and is kindhearted, enjoys learning, loves to sing, and likes Barbie dolls.
Lauren's file is designated as Special Focus, so interested families do not have to have a dossier already in China and singles can also adopt her.
FTIA WILL WAIVE THEIR AGENCY FEE FOR THE FAMILY WHO ADOPTS LAUREN! If you would like more information about Lauren please message me OR contact FTIA Agency Coordinator Betty Betz at 1-888-797-9900.

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