Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Perfectly Peter...our newest child of the week

I cannot share ALL the details of Peter's file at this time due to specific agency regulations, but I want to make sure to start getting the word out about this amazing little boy. Beyond the obvious reason of being an orphan, Peter is special to me for two reasons: 1) He shares the same birth date with my 3 year old Cooper...and, 2) He shares the same congenital birth defect as my 3 year old Jun.

Having adopted a child with PFFD, I can tell you that if I could, I would do it all over again. I think Greg would agree with me on this. Because we sought out MANY, MANY professional medical opinions, we prepared ourselves in the best way possible for what was to come. Having a child with a physical handicap can definitely have its challenges, but no different than the various challenges occassionally brought forward by our non-handicapped biological children. ;)

Peter will be 4 years old in May. I have been told that there has been little interest in his file. That makes me so sad, and in so many ways reminds me of our Jun...who I found by chance on our agency's waiting child list. Until Jun was brought to the US via adoption, she had never known what it felt like to walk...now she has all the ability in the world! Peter could have the same opportunity...if someone would just give him a chance.

Peter is currently available through WACAP...World Association for Children and Parents. www.wacap.org If you have interest in learning more about Peter, please contact me OR contact Andrea Carruthers at AndreaC@wacap.org.

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