Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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SHEA, male, age 13, Asia
Special Need: Repaired Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate

Finances: The $5600 ( approx.) orphanage fee is now waived. He has a $4200 Promise Child grant for families making less than an average of $125,000 the application fee is waived ($275) and the pre-approval fee ($500) is waived. Contact Ckids@wacap.org

Shea is an artist, musician, and he wants to dance like Michael Jackson! There are only months left for him to get adopted. He is a bright,  healthy 13 year old boy with a repaired cleft lip and palate.

Although  he will need some orthodontic work he speaks clearly and articulately.  He goes to 7th grade outside the orphanage where he is an average  student whose favorite subject is art. He presented us with a drawing  (please ask to see it) he had made, and colored, of his favorite cartoon  characters. It is clear from this work that he is very talented. He  also enjoys basketball and playing traditional drums. Shea describes  himself as being very honest and happy, and states that it makes him sad  when someone doesn't want to play with him. He is a soft-spoken, sweet,  young boy who would thrive in a family who can adopt him before he is 14 and becomes ineligible for adoption.  When asked if he could have  anything in the world he wanted, he replied that he would love to learn  to dance like Michael Jackson.

When our staff met him briefly she said  "he really seems like a great kid. He was rather shy, very polite with  lots of interests-drawing, music and dancing. He said he would like to  be adopted and I have no doubt it was a genuine and not a "rehearsed"  answer. I really enjoyed meeting him and I think any family would be lucky to have him."

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