Tuesday, April 10, 2012

URGENT PLEA...new info on Lauren!

Lauren was the first child I featured on my blog. I recently learned that, although there has been interest in her, she is still available and in need of her forever family to find her.

Recently, Amy Eldridge, Executive Director of Love Without Boundaries, was able to meet with many orphans while on a return trip to China. While there she was able to have Lauren seen for an MRI to better determine the extent of her medical needs. In light of this new information I have decided to feature Lauren on the blog again. Please remember, Lauren will AGE OUT next year! She doesn't have long before her life will be restricted from having a family, which will likely impact her medical future as well. I'm certain the right family is out there, so please help me circulate this information.

The following information was presented to me by Betty Betz, China Coordinator at FTIA, Families Thru International Adoption. It is courtesy of Riley International Adoption Clinic, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN:

"I received the films and Dr. Edwards-Brown, pediatric neuroradiologist, was kind to review [the MRI]. She sees a mass outside of the spinal cord, she feels this can be an expansive "benign" tumor, like a schwannoma (it is starting to disrupt the spine positioning), this could be a cystic mass like a CSF leak or a type of myelomeningocele. She also saw a very enlarged bladder. This could be a neurogenic bladder, this can go along with anything that disrupts the signal of the nerves to the bladder. A tumor or myelomeningocele can do this. We can't narrow it down more than that based on the info that we have."

We are currently working on trying to have Lauren's complete file reviewed to get a better, more comprehensive idea of her situation. In the meantime, PLEASE contact Betty Betz at FTIA directly if you have interest or further questions...1-888-797-9900. Don't forget, FTIA is WAIVING their agency fees for Lauren, and since she is considered a SPECIAL FOCUS child, any families interested in her do NOT have to have a completed dossier to lock her file!

The original post about Lauren can be found by clicking HERE.

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