Sunday, May 20, 2012

Help make MAY the month for Macey!!

Everyone who knows my family knows we adopted a little girl two years ago who was born with a condition called PFFD, or proximal femoral focal deficiency (see the additional tabs in the blog for pics). Basically, this means she has a congenital short leg on one side. She also was born without a fibula, known as fibular hemimelia, and with only four toes. Both of these additional concerns are common for children born with PFFD.

Our daughter has done amazingly well since we brought her home in 2010. I am often answering questions for other adoptive and birth parents of children with PFFD, and it's something I love! Now, after a little absence from my advocacy blog, I have the priveledge of posting about a little girl who I believe has PFFD. Jun's and Macey's descriptions related to their physical condition are nearly identical. It wasn't until I did further research and that Jun's medical file was reviewed by a US doctor that PFFD was even mentioned. So, while there is no formal mention of PFFD below, as a parent of a child with this condition I'm fairly confident that this will be the diagnosis for Macey also.


Macey – female, age 28 months, congenital short of the right leg, small of the right foot and four toes of the right foot.  It is reported that Macey is quiet, fond of music, playing with toys, has a ready smile, gets along well with others, and is energetic. Reports indicate that she has “normal mental development as other normal children”. She can understand the meaning of “no” and knows to cooperate in dressing and give things when asked. She can use her finger and the thumb to pick up things deftly. She can take out blocks from the cup and then put them in. She can bang the blocks with both hands and can walk with hands on rails. Macey likes to play with other children and the caretaker. She is closest to her caretaker and her favorite toy is “clothing dolls”. Please contact Lisa Kelly: at Lifeline Children’s Services for additional information.

I want to encourage anyone who may have an interest in Macey to email me at if you would like to ask me further questions about our experience. I love to share Jun's story and if it could help someone realize how wonderful Macey would be as a daughter then I am happy to have you contact me.

With Love & Blessings!

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