Sunday, June 17, 2012

RE-Introducing Laura...NOW LYDIA WITH HOLT!

Everyone who has read my blog likely knows how special this child is to me. I have been advocating for her for many months now and over the past couple of months have had difficulty getting updates. I am reposting about her today, on Father's Day, with a special plea to help bring her home.
I am SUPER excited to announce that Lydia (previously listed with another agency as Laura) is now available through HOLT International, a wonderful agency! I just found this out this fitting! While we did not use this agency for our previous adoption, I can tell you they are very reputable. Our daughter's foster care was sponsored by Holt and it's amazing family sponsors. We owe them a debt of gratitude for the care our daughter received through their financial sponsorships.
On this Father's Day I am sending out an urgent plea to help me find this special child's forever family! Help me help her!
Anyone interested in learning more about Lydia should contact HOLT International adoption agency! Visit for more information. As soon as I have a contact person at Holt I will post it.
Re-introducing: Lydia (previously Laura)
Female, DOB 11/2006
Special Need: multiple brown spots on body
(Hep B+...?, not listed as a medical need with current agency, so I am working on getting an update on this)

Information originally posted March 2012. I will update as I can get more current info:

It is very bittersweet for me to post about this week's featured child. I found Laura last week while browsing the new special focus files for (agency name removed 6/12). Immediately I was connected to her in a very special way and spent half the night researching her needs. Unfortunately the time is not right for our family to adopt Laura, so I am making a plea to everyone out there in the advocacy community to spread the word for her. Laura has a family out there waiting for her and my heart would do good to know she has found them.

The information noted below under Laura's report has been approved to post by the agency, however I would like to add something about Laura's special need of being HepB+. First, please understand that I am NOT a medical professional. It would be necessary to have Laura's file reviewed by a medical professional such as your Pediatrician or International Adoption Specialist (there is a link on the right for the CCHMC International Adoption Clinic if you need to consult with someone). Now, all that being noted, what I have come to understand about Laura's condition is that she has repeatedly tested positive for HBsAb and positive for HBeAb.

What does HBsAB mean?
According to the Hepatitis B Foundation (
**"A "positive" or "reactive" HBsAB (or anti-HB's) test result indicate that a person has successfully responded to the Hepatitis B vaccine OR has recovered from an accute Hepatits B infection. This result means that you are immune to future hepatitis B infection and you are not contagious."

What does HBeAB mean?
**"The presence of HBeAb generally indicates that the patient is recovering from the acute stage of the illness. HBeAb detects the presence of HBeAb in human serum and helps determine whether the HBV infection is resolved. Presence of HBeAb suggests low or missing infectivity and serves as a measure of patient infectivity. In monitoring the cause of accute and chronic HBV infections, the occurence of HBeAb and disappearance of HBeAg are of prognostic value."

Laura's report:
Laura is a lovely little girl who enjoys being outside. Her pictures are quite somber and we are determined to help Laura find many reasons to grin and giggle. Laura was admitted to her SWI when she was approximately 8 months old. Laura is by nature shy and quiet but she does laugh and enjoys playing with other children. As she grows up she is getting more outgoing. She currently lives with a foster family. Her reports state:

“Laura was admitted when she was 8 months old. Her motor development was delayed somewhat compared to kids of similar age. In order for her to get more loving care and nursing, Laura entered a foster family on the next day after admission. With the careful attention of her foster mom, she adapted to the new environment quickly. Her appetite became much better and her face became ruddy.

At the age of 9-11 months Laura could quickly find hidden toys. When being brought to play outdoors her beautiful eyes could look around and she looked very lovely. At the age of 12-15 months she understood some simple daily expressions said by adults, had a ready smile. She could drink water and milk by holding the cup with both hands. At the age of 15-18 months Laura could sit alone steadily, stand for a while by holding onto things, cooperate to dress or undress her, and button clothes.
At the age of 18-24 months she could walk around sitting in a walker, liked to watch cartoons, and could laugh aloud when teased by family members. At the age of 2-3 years she could say some simple daily expressions, imitate actions of adults, and liked to play with kids.

Now Laura is over 4 years old, she likes to smile better, becomes much more outgoing, shows more concern to things in the surroundings, likes to communicate with everyone. She also likes to do handiwork with her older foster brother, such as folding paper planes etc.
Laura’s staple food is rice and her supplementary foods are milk, fruit and eggs etc. She is not choosy about food and has a good appetite. She gets colds occasionally which can be cured once being treated. She had brain CT examination which showed no abnormal findings by cranium CT scanning. Five items of examination for HB showed positive HBsAb and positive HBeAb. (info from report dated January 8, 2011)