Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Greater Purpose

As an adoptive parent it gives me so much pleasure to aid in connecting orphans to their forever families through my advocacy blog, Loves Heart Song. Adoption is amazing, and our family simply wouldn't be the same without having added our daughter to it...and she brings so much life to our little party! That being said, adoption does not always mean "easy", and it goes without saying that every adoptive family travels down a road of highs and lows to bring their child home.

I've decided to add a new feature to my advocacy blog that spotlights families who have stepped forward and made the commitment to adopt, but who are having difficulty raising the funds to make it happen. Let's be real...all it takes is love and generosity to WANT to adopt, but it takes FAR more financially to make it happen, and what a terrible thing it would be to stifle a decision born of love, just because of a lack of finances.

I believe there are many kinds of people in the world including, those who want to adopt and will do anything in their power to make it happen, and those who think adoption is great, but isn't necessarily for them.

If you have answered the call to adopt, I applaud you! You are on your way to an AMAZING life experience (ah hem, you might even learn a few things about yourself along the way)! If you are supportive of adoption but don’t think it’s for you, please understand that there are MANY ways to help orphaned children that do not include adopting one yourself. Please consider offering financial assistance to one of our featured families in need. Any amount helps bring an orphan and a family together!

Please click the link at the top of the page to view this months Featured Family.

Thank you for your generosity!