Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm Baa-aack!

Hey Y'all (channeling my Southern Friends)!

It has been FOREVER since I posted...TOO long! Such is the life of this busy homeschooling Mama!

So I'm back and I have two very excited families to tell everyone about!

First off is our new FEATURED FAMILY the Hemmes Family! Please make sure to click on the link to hear all about the Hemmes' and their son John who they are in the process of adopting from China! (spoiler alert...he's adorable!) The Hemmes' have been approved to receive TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations submitted on their behalf through Reece's Rainbow. Our Featured Family post will bring you the link to their Reece's Rainbow fundraiser.

Second, for all you "busy moms" out there I have discovered a new mommy blog that I just LOVE and you have to check it out! And even BETTER is that it's run by a adoptive mommy-to-be!! Introducing Emily and her BUSY MOMMY blog! Emily and her husband are a young couple with one son who have answered the call to adopt TWO children from Ghana. AMAZING! I just had to tell you all about her blog because there's lots of great info about recipes, DIY projects, name it!

Whatever holiday you and yours are celebrating this month, I wish all my Loves Heart Song followers out there Peace, Love and Happiness!

God Bless!