Thursday, January 24, 2013

"We get by with a little help from our friends..."

I think we would all be a little remiss to believe that we can handle everything in life on our own. Sure, we want to believe that we have life completely in control all by ourselves, but the reality is that we were all created for a specific purpose, and those unique attributes are what make our ability to lend a hand so special. Asking for help is one of the greatest challenges we human beings face. So instead of waiting for someone to ask, maybe we would all be better served to live life in daily service to others.

That being said, I am once again spreading the word for a fellow adoptive family who is currently fundraising for their adoption. My friend Stacia and her husband Jeff adopted just after we did. They are already parents to four biological children (although some no longer qualify as "children". In fact, it's because of their adopted son that Stacia and I even know each other. You see, both of our adopted children have a congenital birth defect known as PFFD, or proximal femoral focal deficiency. Stacia and I met in one of the many online support groups that have been created for families such as ours.

But adopting a child with PFFD and the challenges and medical care that brings didn't stop Stacia and Jeff from reaching out to adopt again. In 2012 Stacia and Jeff once again answered the call to adopt a son, who they have named John. John has a special need known as dwarfism. You can read more about John and the Hemmes Family on their blog at

The most important thing I want to convey to everyone is that adoption is very expensive. Not everyone feels compelled to adopt, so maybe the cost of adoption doesn't hit home to those people. But to a family who wants to give a child a home I can't tell you how much even the smallest donation means. Jeff Hemmes as a United States serviceman. He has devoted his life to protecting the freedoms of Americans. Would a donation to the Hemmes adoption fund be a wonderful way to give thanks to Jeff and his family for his service? I think so!

Reece's Rainbow Adoption Ministry has kindly offered to collect tax deductible donations on behalf of the Hemmes family to go toward John's adoption expenses. Won't you please consider making a donation to this wonderful family? The link to the Reece's Rainbow fundraising page for John is

On a final note, I am offering 100% of my profit on sales through my Blackbox Cosmetics page to John's adoption fundraiser. All sales through Valentine's Day will qualify but orders MUST be made through the following link! I recommend you check out the link for more information on these amazing products and to have your order help bring John home!

As usual, anyone interested in learning more about adoption may contact me via email at I'm happy to answer questions or concerns about adoption in general, and if possible, provide what guidance I can on the children currently available.


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