Monday, April 29, 2013

XIAO - A Child's Plea from FTIA

It's been a long time since I've advocated for any specific orphan but when I saw this sweet little face yesterday I just knew I had to write a blog post about her.
This is Xiao who is currently available for adoption from China. She is designated as Special Focus and is part of FTIA's Jing Yi program.  
All FTIA agency fees will be waived for Xiao’s adoptive family. 
She is a beautiful 7 year old girl with knee valgus and incontinence. She appears to have had some type of spinal surgery prior to coming to the orphanage at 10 months of age. She was also diagnosed with hydrocephaly when first admitted; however doctors believed that there was no need to do surgery because the fluid would resolve over time. Since then her head circumference has been getting smaller and smaller. She had shown delays in language and mental development, but she has been improving every day.
She can take care of herself, crawls and can walk some by leaning on the railing. She is described as lively and cheerful and likes to sing while her best friend dances. Her caretakers say she is smart, polite and likes to give them a warm hug when they come to work.
Recent videos of Xiao can be found by clicking the links below:
If you have interest in learning more about this child please contact FTIA's China Coordinator Betty Betz at 1-888-797-9900.