Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Peter needs a Family!!! $4200 GRANT AVAILABLE!!!

Peter is from Asia,  almost 11 and needs a family ASAP. His best friend is being adopted soon and will leave for the Midwest US. We are all concerned about Peters morale when he is left behind without his dear friend, and his current home, the House of Love with An Orphan's Wish, is sadly closing.

Is there anyone that can adopt Peter and help him keep connected to his best friend? Please ask about any possible waivers if you do not fit the requirements to adopt from his Asian country. Married couples and single women may both apply.

Peter is known as a quiet and shy child who, though he has had several spinal surgeries, is still able to get around but he cannot stand unassisted. He does use a wheelchair. He came into care at age 7. His upper limbs are normal and he can write with a pen, draw, dress himself, shower, wash his clothes, eat and go up and down stairs holding the rail. He communicates fluently in his native language and he has many friends.  He is very capable and independent.

He has been receiving individual instruction and is a conscientious student who is smart and motivated to do well. He likes to read and share what he has read with others and he is able to write short articles. He has a good imagination and is talented in drawing a variety of items. His drawings are richly colored and full of content.

Peter also does his chores, makes his own bed and helps with other children and likes to earn special privileges such as extra time on the Wii, which he has recently discovered and loves to play. He also likes to play other electronic games with the boys in the group house.

Peter likes to do puzzles and play chess. In fact, playing chess with other children is one of his greatest joys. He is easygoing and says he wants to be adopted. There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Please contact Elizabeth directly at . There is no fee to view his whole file. 

More information from the group home:

You may also donate to his adoption in two ways. At select waiting child, and select Peter. Or you can donate at www.orphanswish in Peters name.