Thursday, August 8, 2013

Partners in Orphan Advocacy

When I set out to begin advocating for orphans about a year and a half ago it really happened by chance. It happened because I was seeing the faces of children out there who spoke to me who I knew I couldn't bring home. Maybe they clung to my heart as God's way of saying "THEY NEED YOUR HELP!" Since that time I have become associated with some of the most devoted and selfless people I've ever met. People who work tirelessly for the welfare of those still left behind. And the amazing thing is WE'RE MAKING PROGRESS! Every time any of us is able to announce that an orphan has been "MATCHED" makes the late nights, aching hearts, and frustration SO worth while! 

But even given the progress we're making there are still far too many children left out there without a family, and it's too much work for just a small band of advocates. So I've decided to spread the word about the work of other advocates, my partners in orphan advocacy, in the hopes that we can spread the word about more children. 

Below is a list of additional advocacy and/or adoption blogs. I encourage you to bookmark these wonderful sites and help spread the word about them on your other social network sites. Thank You!

Wonderful Waiting Kids

Do you have an adoption information or advocacy related blog that you'd like to share? Please just add the link to your blog in the comments section below!