Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Defending the Fatherless

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"...all of us make a difference through the life that we live..." ~ Oprah Winfrey

Adoption is a subject very close to my heart. It was nearly 6 years that my husband and I discussed adoption before coming to the realization that the time was finally right. We already had three sons and wanted to open our hearts and home to a daughter through adoption. Our daughter has been a Blessing to us more than we ever imagined. She has taught me things about myself that I never realized I would, mostly because I had the courage to listen. Our adjustment to life as an adoptive family has not always been an easy one, but it has been well worth the peaks and valleys that have come our way.

Our daughter was 18 months old before we found her; she was 2 years old before we were able to bring her home. So many children all over the world never get this chance. It is heart breaking for me to see the number of children who live without parents, without the comforts we often take for granted.

"What made you and your husband consider adopting?", is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get. This is usually followed by, "Did you always know you wanted to adopt a special needs child?" I LOVE when people ask me these questions. I LOVE when people ask me about our daughter. I choose not to see it as them being nosey; although many people probably would. I choose to see them as engaging me in a subject that maybe they have feared in the past, or maybe one they have longed to have with the right audience. There is, after all, the chance that this one conversation could turn a spark into a flame. We had such a family.

During our adoption process we had a family who opened their home to us to discuss what it's like to adopt a child with a medical handicap. They showed us that a family with special needs children has LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, and GRACE. They were a normal family; celebrating birthdays, completing homework, enjoying a Friday evening at home together. Our kids joined together and didn't miss a beat. No notice of differences. Just kids being kids.

Fortunately, thanks to my own children and the love they give to me, I have been able to open my eyes to a world much greater than the four walls I live in. My children have shown me their best and worst, and I'm certain they have seen both from me. In the end they know that home is love, and where there is love there is acceptance, dignity, and generosity. Even on the bad days when they haven't behaved and they have made me mad, they know that the last experience of their evening will be a kiss on the head and an "I love you" in their ear.

All children should know such love. The harsh reality is, not all do. Children around the world are malnourished, some spend most hours of their day and night bound to a crib, they often do not, even in the worst circumstances have access to much needed medical care...and many will die without having ever felt the warm and loving touch of a mother. WHY? WHY? WHY?

Sadly, it is because of fear  and financial obstacles that many of these children will never know the love that comes from having a family of their own. We need to step out of our comfort zone and take control over the things we fear the most. There is no greater joy than the laughter and love a child brings to a home. We must all put aside our fear to defend the fatherless. I can't imagine what our life would be like if we didn't.

If you are unable to adopt a child there are many ways that you can still work on their behalf. To the right of my blog there is a list of reputable organizations who would gladly accept financial donations.


If you are looking to adopt, or even think you would like to explore adoption as a means of growing your family, please take a look at the tabs at the top of my blog. These tabs feature orphans currently available for adoption. PLEASE, spread the word about these children. THEY NEED OUR HELP!

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