Qi Zuo

Qi Zuo

Journey of Hope Guangxi with The Barker Adoption Foundation

Barker recently participated in a Journey of Hope program in Guangxi China.  This program allowed us to meet many special needs children from four different orphanages in Guangxi in hope that we would be able to find families for them.  We have been assigned the files of twelve children through this program – six of which we currently have the files for and six more for which we expect the files to come soon.  Please take a moment to look at this blog to see the descriptions of the first five available children.

Qi Zuo is a handsome young boy that is just turning 10 with CP. He is quiet most of time but smiles a lot. He likes arts and crafts and is very good at it. He likes jigsaw puzzles. He communicates well. His mental development is on target. He can walk without assistance, but not in very steady gaits. He had right ACC surgery and waist SPR surgery in 2008.  He can take care of himself and sometimes helps with housework. He can get along well with other children. 

If you or anyone you know might be interested in Qi Zuo or any of the other children, please contact Betty at bbetz@barkerfoundation.org or Tina at tji@barkerfoundation.org for more information.

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