Xin Wei

Xin Wei

Journey of Hope Guangxi with The Barker Adoption Foundation

Barker recently participated in a Journey of Hope program in Guangxi China.  This program allowed us to meet many special needs children from four different orphanages in Guangxi in hope that we would be able to find families for them.  We have been assigned the files of twelve children through this program. Information on the first five children available through this program can be viewed on this blog.

Xin Wei is an athletic 11 year old boy with post-surgery cleft lip and palate. He is also a Hep B carrier and has nystagmus. Han Xin Wei now is in 4th grade. He is outgoing and restless. He is very smart and always curious. His language ability is good. He can express his opinions in an organized way. He is also a good debater. Due to his cleft lip and palate, his pronunciation is not very clear. His nystagmus is getting better and has no limitation on his daily life. He can watch TV, read books, writes and draws.
He likes badminton and table tennis very much. He can ride a bicycle. He is very interested in digital appliance like camera and cell phone. He likes computer games very much. 
He can take care of himself. 

If you or anyone you know might be interested in one of these children, please contact Betty at or Tina at for more information.

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